The AR series ceiling pendants are all made of extra-thick extruded aluminium to ensure greater sturdiness and make them able to withstand very heavy loads. The carrying capacity varies between 80 and 250 kg depending on type, but the mobility of the joints, which can rotate up to 348°, allows effortless, easy and precise movement even with full loads.

The arms are made to measure (up to 1200mm) for the installation premises and can be Painted in any RAL colour; various types of columns and heads can be fitted to the arms, both motor driven and fixed, depending on requests, these too in RAL colours chosen by the Customer. Thanks to the simple and sturdy fastening system, the ceiling unit can adapt to any installation need.

Like all our products, any brand and model of electrical or gas material can be installed on board. All AR series products are Medical Devices made according to UNI EN ISO 11197 standards, and feature the CE marking "Medical Device" acc. to 93/42 EEC as amended and are all Class IIB.


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